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Microwave Condensed Milk Cake with Tutti-Frutti

Today’s post is yet another simple microwave recipe. Yeah I know what you may be thinking off….These days I am experimenting a lot with microwave and I love doing it so…Today’s recipe is one of the recipe which I tried in the process of pantry cleaning. I had some all purpose flour left with me and some condense milk. I had so many recipes in mind taking these two ingredients, but finally I set my mind to make a microwave cake recipe…which is simple and yum…. If you remember in my previous post where I had mentioned about a cake which I made and took with me on a long and tiring train journey? Then this was the cake I was talking about. It stayed fresh all through the day and we enjoyed eating it. I advice you to grease the microwave bowl with the butter and then dust it with flour. This process helps you in unmoulding the cake easily. You can even line with butter or parchment paper before pouring in the batter. You should be little cautious while making microwave cakes, as the micro…


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INGREDIENTS For Dipping: 1 bag dried fruit of your choice (apricots, apples, pineapples, peaches) 12 oz Ghirardelli Dark Melting Wafers 12 oz Ghirardelli White Melting Wafers DIRECTIONS For Dipping: Place Ghirardelli Melting Wafers in a microwave‐safe container and microwave at half power or defrost setting for 30 seconds. Stir thoroughly (product keeps its original shape until stirred). If not completely melted, continue to microwave in 15 second intervals and stir until smooth. Overheating can cause wafers to burn. Hold each piece of fruit near the edge and dip into melted wafers. Place coated fruit on waxed paper. Cool in refrigerator for 10‐15 minutes, or until hard. Note: You can substitute Ghirardelli Dark Melting Wafers with Ghirardelli 60% Cacao Bittersweet 2/5/2015 Dipped Dried Fruit http://www.ghirardelli.com/recipes/dipped­dried­fruit/ 2/2 REVIEWS There are no review matching the selection. Chocolate Chips and Ghirardelli White Melting Wafers with Ghirardelli Classic White…